About Yuvaan

Yuvaan, the official literary fest of Delhi Technological University, laid the foundation of a legacy with its premier edition in 2017. Deriving from the Hindi word Yuva, the fest captures the vigour, boldness and the spontaneity associated with the youth. It represents the quintessential voice responsible for moulding the future. Yuvaan exhibits the perfect amalgamation of technology, science and literature. Come, experience and discover the power of words.

20,000 expected footfall

With a footfall of over 20, 000 in its inaugural edition, Yuvaan attracted participants and visitors from institutions all over Delhi and the NCR region. With events for both the literature oriented and non-oriented, Yuvaan promises to deliver more.

10 Formal Events

. With a multitude of events for everyone, Yuvaan provides an opportunity to the participants to get spoiled for choice! Battle with words, showcase your power of expression, laugh your heart out with the standup comedy and unwind in the bonfire night, a magical experience. Stay tuned for the events this year!

10 Highlighted Events

A stellar celebrity line up has graced the fest in the past. Authors, motivational speakers, national bravehearts and the giants of journalism, we’ve had them all. Rohit Sardana, Sunetra Choudhary, General GD Bakshi have had empowered the youth at Yuvaan in the past. Mark your calendars, and watch this space for the big reveal!

Our Events

Compete against the best and win loads of prices and goodies.

10.00 AM onwards Convocation Hall, DTU


A test of General Knowledge

This general quiz at Yuvaan'18 is ready to take you on a roller coaster ride with its exciting set of questions and a more exciting set of prizes to take home!

11.00 AM onwards Smart Classroom, DTU


An on-the-spot creative writing contest to let you showcase your writing prowess.

Each person has his/her never ending tale to tell, never ending journeys, experiences, hidden secrets, memories and what not.

We all have a distinct definition of a story, so why not share yours?

12.00 PM onwards Mini OAT, DTU


ONE life jacket. TWO minutes.

You get to don on the character of a famous personality and convince the captain of your sinking ship that YOU deserve the only lifejacket, and no one else does.

12.00 PM onwards Civil Raised Platform,DTU


Where creativity meets madness.

In the modern world of business, it is pointless to be a creative, original thinker if you cannot sell what you create.

2.00 PM onwards Smart Classroom,DTU


Be indecisive, Be a Turncoat.

Shift allegiance between For and Against of the motion. You are prized for being a hypocrite, the only prerequisite : Be Convincing.

10.00 AM onwards Smart Classroom, DTU

Socratic Circle

Action is eloquence.
- William Shakespeare

An amalgamation of GD, Conventional Debate & Extempore, spread across different rounds.

11.00 AM onwards Mini OAT, DTU

Recipe of Words

"There is no sincere love than love for food."
- Bernard Shaw

A food critiquing event for all the avid food bloggers and culinary artists bringing in writers, foodaholics and great epicureans from afar on a single platform.

1.30 PM onwards Mini OAT, DTU

What's in a voice

Radio. Steady. Perform.

A synchronized interplay between your voice and choice of words can make you the champion of your dreams. Find the respect that your voice deserves.

2.00 PM onwards Smart Classroom, DTU


दृष्टि ही नहीं दृष्टिकोण भी चाहिए।

Everybody thinks, everybody judges, all the time. A tiny remark, a minor detail, a small glitch. Our thoughts range from absurd to marvelous to dangerous even so sometimes we are not able to say them out aloud. Here's your chance, grab it.

3.00 PM onwards OAT, DTU


To bring forth the undiscovered poet in you.

An open arena, a spoken word poetry event, where one can recite their work and improve upon.

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